Crown Zellarbach West Linn 1959 70th Year Pamphlete

Crown Zellarbach West Linn 1959 100th Year Crown Zellarbach West Linn 1959 70th Year Pamphlet

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In 1959, Oregon celebrated it's 100th year as a state and Crown Zellbach celebrated it's 70th years of operation of the West Linn paper mill.
This is a brochure that was produced for the Crown Zellbach mill tour guests at the time.
The mill originally opened as Wilamette Falls Pulp and Paper started in 1889. Later Crown Zellerbach bought the mill and operated it from 1928 to 1986. At its peak, the mill employed 1600 people.

Eventually foreign competition made paper production in the US unprofitable. Crown Zellerbach had added high quality gloss paper to their line which helped to keep them going for a while, but finally they sold the mill to James River Corporation in 1986 who ran the mill for a few more years until 1996 when they closed the mill. It was reopened in 1997 as the West Linn Paper Company. In 2017 the mill was once again shut down by then the mill had been reduced to 250 employees. Managment stated an inability to get adequate supplies as the cause. The mill had stopped making it's own pulp in 1991 and was buying it from other sources. In 2019 the mill was reopened as Willamette Falls Paper company using inovative ideas for paper making such as making paper from waste straw.

PGE also has an interest in the mill as the Sullivan power plant, the oldest power plant on the west coast, operates in the same location.

While the West Linn mill was located on the West Linn side of the Willamette river, there was another paper mill located on the Oregon City side of the river. It started at Hawley Pulp and Paper in 1909 then was sold to Publisher's Paper (which was owned by Times Mirror) in 1948. The plant was sold to Jefferson Smurfit in 1986 then became Blue Heron in 2000 when the employees purchased the plant. The confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde purchased the property in 2019 planning to turn the site into a cultural center. Sullivan power plant brochure Crown Zellerbach pamphlet Willamette Meteorite pamphlet

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